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The activity of recovery and the valuation of the wastes which was previously a purely environmental concern, has become an economic activity since it can generate a financial value of 38 billion DA / year and could create a great number of direct and indirect employment (7 600 jobs can be created in the polyethylene terephthalate field which generates about 350 000 tons / year).
Recent statistics show that there is a market of about 300 000 tons / year of special waste (tires, worn oil, batteries and 3E wastes) among which only 150 000 tons are valued and exploited. As a matter of example:

-about 16 companies activate in the collection and the export of worn oil ;
-about 10 private companies activate in the recycling and the valuation of the worn tires and make mainly carpets of roads and the aggregate  of which the  market remains very promising ;
-several American, French and South African companies showed their big interest to realize industrial poles in the IT recycling.

This clearly shows that the sector of waste recycling in Algeria is left not developed. On another level, the reduction of external financial resources of Algeria encourages us to seek new ways and new means to contribute to the substitution of local production to imports, to maximize the productive resources available in Algeria especially by the recovery and the recycling of waste and to encourage investment in new activities and the creation of new businesses.

It is in this context and taking into account the success which knew the first edition of the International Exhibition of Waste Recovery and Valuation “REVADE”,  the CACI organises in association with the National Agency of Waste (AND) the 2nd edition of the REVADE which is dedicated to the collection, the sorting, the transport, the processing, the valuation and to the waste recycling.

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